304 stainless steel plate using the correct method! 

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304 stainless steel plate has the right way to use, as long as the right way to use, to ensure that its service life is more durable, but also can reach the true purification effect of the transfer.

1, stainless steel transfer window in the process of use of two doors to adhere to the closed state, there is an electrical lighting system transfer window, first plug in the power plug, connected to the 220V/50Hz power supply.

2, the need for stainless steel transfer window transfer of objects for disinfection and sterilization treatment, can turn on the power switch of ultraviolet sterilization lamp, ultraviolet sterilization lamp light, disinfection and sterilization treatment according to the rules.

3, about electronic interlock type stainless steel transfer window, in the process of using open on one side of the transfer window door, and then the other side with the active lock, so when deliver goods, first opened the door of the transfer window, to convey the required items in the transfer window closed stainless steel Windows, after after sterilization, passing abilities open window on the other side of the door, The same staff will transfer the items out after the stainless steel door immediately closed, so as not to affect the next item transfer.

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