Tisco guarantee for Nissan (Europe) Co

Recently, TISCO provided emergency support to Nissan (Europe) for a certain brand of steel coil within 20 days, and the product passed the trial production. The customers add orders again and give high evaluation to TISCO's services and products.

A stainless steel plant in the UK has been forced to shut down due to the severe COVID-19 situation in Europe and is expected to take about three months to resume production. Nissan motor exhaust supplier of global procurement center to China, Japan, South America, North America, such as stainless steel raw material suppliers, material support requests, hope the nissan motor factory production supply chain, but steel mills such as Japan, South America, North America's basic delivery months, cannot meet the delivery requirement. After TISCO was informed of this news, after multi-party evaluation to make a commitment to deliver on time, the user will lock the order for TISCO production. After the close coordination and cooperation between various departments of TISCO, the contract was finally fulfilled within the specified time, which was praised by users, and the subsequent orders were also determined to choose TISCO.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, TISCO has adhered to the bottom-line thinking. While doing its best to prevent and control the epidemic, TISCO has made every effort to protect production, operation and market, so as to create a safe and stable supply chain for users. Tisco will, as always, resolutely defend the two fronts of epidemic prevention and control and production and operation, and make new and greater contributions to the dual success of epidemic prevention and control and the realization of economic and social development goals in Shanxi.