Tisco precision alloy manufacturing capacity has made breakthrough progress

Recently, a partner called TISCO profile factory, said that the precision alloy produced by TISCO this year has been stably supplied to the manufacturing line of a famous domestic brand mobile phone, profile products successfully applied in the communication industry.

Precision alloy is a kind of alloy material with special physical properties. It is the key material used in important sectors of the national economy such as power electronics, communications, computers, instruments, energy and transportation, and important military equipment such as aerospace, ships, missiles and radars. Restricted by technical barriers, this kind of product is a typical "neck" material. In the process of actively promoting the development of new materials, TISCO profile factory has cooperated with a domestic material company focusing on the smelting of high-end precision alloy materials, and entered the field of precision alloy manufacturing with the production of materials dedicated to the radio electronics industry and precision instruments as the entry point.

From December 22 to 24, 2020, coincising with the critical moment when TISCO joined China Baobao, the profile factory successfully developed three new precision alloy varieties and completed the first order of cooperative production. Over the past year, the new product has been growing and growing, and has been fully trusted by customers in key fields, forming long-term orders. It is an epitome of the core technology of new material of TISCO profile man and a gift to China Baowu's first "company day".

Although the vacuum smelting production started late and the technology accumulation is weak, the profile factory is still determined to wade out a new road in the manufacture of precision alloys. Since the beginning of the year, with TISCO in China Baowu to the global stainless steel industry leader rapid progress of the pace, profile factory continues to surpass themselves, in a clear product inspection standards, composition range, surface quality and other standards on the basis of, The whole process of vacuum smelting link, such as composition control, refining and steel temperature, pouring speed, initial and final rolling temperature, deformation and rate, and so on, is tracked item by item, demonstrated one by one, broken and cured. The scientific process route and precise process control points are summarized. After product performance verification and user evaluation, TISCO has made a breakthrough in this kind of precision alloy materials. The product yield is significantly better than domestic counterparts, and the core index purity and production cost have obvious advantages. In the production process, the whole factory is coordinated, the whole process is carefully controlled, and each process is connected accurately to ensure that every step of the process is 100% in place; In the product service link, the profile factory adhere to tracking every order issued, in-depth study of feedback every point of opinion, effectively solve every problem of customers, the process technology ability, production and manufacturing level as the core competitiveness to meet market demand.

Partnership initiative, said in the production process for the whole year, they deeply understand to treasure wu taigang "man without I have, people have my superior, man I, I'm fine" the high-quality goods of manufacturing capacity, in 2022, the two sides will further deepen cooperation space, hand in hand in the field of high-end record, means that the steady supply of taigang high-end materials added a new member of the class.

In the upcoming 2022, TISCO profile factory will be more active, more forward as, brave to undertake the mission, overcome difficulties, constantly break through the bottleneck, under the banner of China Baowu set foot on a new journey of advanced manufacturing.