Tisco nickel - based alloy production to achieve a new breakthrough

Since this year, the factory nickel base alloy in high-tech, high market share and high efficiency have achieved a historic breakthrough.

Nickel-based alloy materials have the advantages of high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. In recent years, they have been more and more widely used in aerospace, military, nuclear power, deep sea, environmental protection, petrochemical and other high-end fields. In order to realize the high-end nickel base material "made by TiSCO", according to the unified deployment of the company's party and government, in 2017, the profile factory efficiently built TiSCO nickel base alloy production line. Facing the technology gap, profile factory strengthen substantial work ability, seeks the truth, the unreal, seek practical results, the high efficiency and long for work organically, to the advanced and short promotion as the breakthrough point, by actively learn from domestic brothers unit, through a large number of data, master, familiar with the vacuum smelting technology gradually. Since the beginning of the year, the profile factory smelting nickel-based alloy output significantly increased. Constantly enrich the accumulation of technology, in the batching, melting control, electromagnetic stirring and other vacuum smelting critical control points are increasingly mature, product composition control is more accurate, the yield of products is further improved. Adhere to demand leading, recently successfully developed 7 new varieties, product performance are in line with customer requirements.

In the first half of the year, after repeated demonstration and test by the technical team, the profile factory advanced in one body and made various breakthroughs, and the smelting, electroslag and forging technology of nickel-based alloy was comprehensively improved. Scientific optimization of alloy raw material standards and use, melting and refining smelting process, smelting purity greatly improved; The electroslag mould was scientifically matched, the bending deformation and cracking problem of electroslag ingot was effectively solved, and the yield of finished products was improved. The homogenization and forging process is improved scientifically, the energy cost is greatly reduced, and the forging quality is significantly improved. The whole process control technology has been solidified, laying a solid foundation for the development of higher grade varieties.

Implement the three products strategy of "increasing variety, improving quality and creating brand", strongly drive market demand, and provide customers with customized solutions. Based on customer expectation and smelting experience, the profile factory has successfully developed a series of new nickel-base alloy products. In order to ensure stable and controlled product quality, the process route and standard and process control points of this kind of products were solidified after repeated argumentation, and the quantitative control of key points was realized, which created good conditions for stable supply. Since this year, the factory successfully got through the new product process route from profiles to fine belts, and successfully developed new special varieties for wire rods. Many products have successfully passed the audit and certification of national key projects, which has effectively improved the ability to respond and serve customers.

Scientific layout creates extreme efficiency. The profile factory gives full play to the advantages of production line configuration, pushes the schedule and time to the target, and optimizes the ingot mold design according to the smelting demand and equipment limit, so as to improve the single furnace output and forging efficiency. Scientific and accurate production scheduling, greatly reduce the time of furnace service looper; Precision raw material organization and equipment support, to achieve the maximum capacity of vacuum smelting. Year to date, nickel-based alloy smelting production has reached the budgeted level in calendar days.

We will bear in mind our entrust, fulfill our mission, and compose a new epic of courageously moving forward. In the next stage, the profile factory will continue to focus on the development of new nickel-based alloy varieties and new fields, the development of large single-weight vacuum self-consumption process, the exploration of vacuum induction ingot low shrinkage technology and other aspects, continue to enhance the competitiveness of nickel-based alloy products, and make more new contributions to TISCO to become the global leader in stainless steel industry.

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